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If you have been referred to a specialist at a Hospital, please read the following leaflets for more information:

What happens when you are referred

2 Week Wait (2WW) referrals

Should you wish to contact a hospital with regards to your appointment, please find contact details here.

Please note that referrals are now processed by hospitals electronically through the e-referral system. This system does not enable surgeries to request an individual named consultant regardless of whether patients have previously seen a particular clinician.

The e-RS Manage Your Referral website is easy for patients to use. It allows them to book, check, change and cancel their appointments online without help from the practice.

Patients can take control and book their own appointment on a convenient date and time and at their preferred hospital or clinic if there is a choice. This means no more worried patients contacting the practice to find out what is happening with their appointment.

Please find details here of Waiting Times for New Outpatient and Diagnostic Tests.


Please find information here on how North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group make decisions about providing treatments that are not normally available through the NHS.

Individual Funding Requests Leaflet


Date published: 18th September, 2017
Date last updated: 27th June, 2018