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South Axholme Practice is an RCGP credited site for research we have a long history of being actively involved in medical research dating back to the 1980’s. We view research as an essential tool in modern medicine and we are always grateful to patients who give up their valuble time to help with research projects. We participate in a wide range of research studies including dermatology, cardiovascular and diabetes. All staff involved in research are up-to-date with their research qualifications (ICH-GCP) and we work closely with the regional research organisations to identify suitable studies that we can help with.

Some of the many achievements that we are particularly proud of include the recruitment of the first UK patient in a global study and the second global patient in another. Two of our GP’s have also been Chief UK Investigators for a diabetes and a respiratory study.

We sometimes put up posters in our waiting rooms of current research projects and if you think that you can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Date published: 3rd October, 2017
Date last updated: 26th October, 2017